Orthotic Therapy

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are specialised insoles worn in the shoe that are designed to support the foot and control the way the foot functions. Orthotics can be made of different materials, most commonly high density EVA foam, or plastic (polypropylene or similar.)

Who needs orthotics?

Orthotics are used in people when they are experiencing pain, discomfort or another problem which is directly related to how their feet are functioning. It is often people who have flat feet (fallen arches) who use orthotics to correct their foot posture, but occasionally those with high arches also require orthotic therapy.
Some problems that may require orthotic therapy include:
• heel pain
• arch pain
• bunions
• recurrent corns
• ankle instability
• shin splints
• knee pain
• lower back pain

The type of orthotic a person requires is very much dependant on the individual. Some people are able to
resolve their foot problem with a soft off-the-shelf orthotic, whilst others will need a rigid custom-made
orthotic. Your podiatrist will be able to advise you whether orthotics are necessary for your condition and
what type is best for you.

treadmil used in biomechanical assessment

Pre-made vs Custom Made

Orthotics can be either premade (off-the-shelf), or custom made. Pre-made orthotics have been made to a standard shape with a standard amount of support, and are usually purchased in a size to fit the foots length. Custom made orthotics are made specifically to fit an individuals own foot. This is achieved by taking an impression of the foot, using either a plaster cast, foam box cast or by electronically scanning the foot. The resulting cast or image is then modified to suit the individuals needs and the orthotic is made accordingly.

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