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Heel Pain

The most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. We can help formulate a treatment plan to keep you on your feet.
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Ball of Foot Pain

Known as metatarsalgia, there are many different causes. We can evaluate your specific problem and provide treatment advice.
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Shin Splints

Shin splints are described as pain felt along the front or inner edge of the shin bone which runs between the knee and the ankle.
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Knee Hip & Lower Back Pain

The knee, hip and lower back can be affected by poor foot biomechanics, and over pronation (flat feet) in particular.
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Ingrown Toenails

These can be caused by incorrect nail cutting, curved nails or tight footwear. We can remove the ingrown nail and advise you on prevention.
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Corns & Callouses

They feel like stones in your shoe and can be incredibly painful. We can remove them and advise you on how to minimise recurrence.
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Dry Skin

This can be hereditary, hormonal or due to footwear or the weather. We can remove the dry skin and give it a hydrating treatment.
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Cracked Heels

Calloused cracked heels need the callous removed and moisturising treatment to help them heal. We can provide this and teach you how to prevent them.
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Flat Feet

Dropped arches, ankles that roll in and over pronation all describe the same condition that can be the cause of foot and leg pain.
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Toenail Care

Treatment for thickened, ingrown, curved or difficult to cut toenails, and advice on fungal toenail treatments.
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Skin Care

Corn and callous removal and advice on how best to look after the skin on your feet to prevent the recurrence of problems.
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Dry Skin Treatment

We specialise in advanced dry skin treatments including hydrating foot masks and paraffin wax therapy
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Massage and Mobilisation

Useful for people who suffer from foot pain or flat feet to help the joints move freely and to relieve tension and reduce muscle contractures.
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Orthotic Therapy

Customised or pre-formed insoles to support your foot and improve foot function and to reduce pain.
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Biomechanical Foot Assessment

An analysis of your foot’s structure and function to identify areas which may be contributing to pain.
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Diabetes Foot Assessment

An assessment of the neurological, vascular and biomechanical status of the feet to identify any changes related to diabetes.
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Childrens Foot Care

From toddler’s to teenagers we can advise you on what’s normal and help provide treatment where necessary.
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Home Visits

For those who find it difficult to visit us in the clinic, we can come to you at home. Armadale, Ashburton, Camberwell, Carnegie, Caufield, Chadstone, Glen Huntley, Glen Iris, Elstenwick, Hawthorn, Kooyong, Malvern, Malvern East, Murembeena, Prahran, South Yarra, Toorak
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