Dry Skin Treatments

Along with our general podiatry services we offer the option of having your professional podiatry treatment coupled with extra therpautic modialities to further hydrate dry skin and relieve muscle tension. We use hydrating foot masks or paraffin wax therapy to deeply moisturise the skin, along with foot & leg massage focussed on mobilising the joints and releasing muscle contractures. Our podiatrist has done courses in sports massage and foot mobilisation to enable us to offer these services.

Having excessively dry feet can be an inherited condition, whilst some notice that their skin dries out more in the summer or winter months, or as they get older. Regular moisturising can be an effective treatment and is an important part of managing dry skin At Soul Podiatry we can offer extra treatments to give your skin longer lasting hydration.

Hydrating Foot Masks

A hydrating foot mask deeply moisturises the skin to keep the skin softer for and more hydrated for longer. We remove all dry skin using a sanding disc and an exfoliating foot scrub before the mask to ensure that minerals in the mask can penetrate deeply and have the greatest effect.

paraffin wax treatment

Paraffin Wax Therapy

Paraffin wax therapy is also an excellent treatment for dry skin. The dry skin is first removed using a sanding disc and exfoliating scrub, and then a heel balm moisturiser is applied. The warm paraffin wax is painted to the skin and left to soak in. The wax contains oils which are absorbed by the skin, and the warmth also helps the heel balm absorption. An added bonus of the paraffin is that it leaves a slight coating on the skin which locks the moisture in. The deep warming of the wax is also beneficial in relieving arthritic pain.

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